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Why Take this Course?

According to Kenya’s economic evaluation report recently released by the World Bank, Kenya is at the tipping point of robust growth with optimists projecting a high of 6% growth in 2011. This growth is largely attributed to what the World Bank refers to as the ‘telecommunications revolution’ that has occurred in the country with the liberalization of the ICT sector.

The bullish growth in ICT brings with it a completely new wave of career opportunities never before available in Kenya. The ICT industry is heavily reliant on multimedia to generate the content necessary for marketing, product packaging, communication and entertainment.

The recent arrival of the fibre optic cable has widened the market for multi-media beyond Kenya’s borders opening doors to careers in outsourcing. The job market is experiencing a radical paradigm shift and as those working in the multi-media industry will testify, it pays very well to be on the cutting edge of technology, skill and know-how.

Enter homeboyz animation school; With the only state of the art, fully equipped animation and graphics studio in the region and with experience from a full animation series recently done at the studio for airing on Disney Kids, the BBC and a host of international TV stations, the school has a great deal to offer any passionate student. The Homeboyz Animation studio is the only licensed CelAction studio in Africa and is determined to help develop an animation hub in Kenya starting with the Cut-Out animation technique for which CelAction is a powerful tool.

The Course

This is an intense six month training course design to offer the student a reliable skill set that includes the latest advances in digital imaging techniques and technology, basic animation skills for character animation and motion graphics and an introduction into the dynamics of the fast growing media industry in Kenya and the world. At the end of this course the student will have acquired skills and learning material that will, in addition to their own personal effort, elevate them to the forefront of media production  career opportunities and help build this new exiting industry in Kenya. The course will be a free space that will introduce the student to methods of interaction and learning from valuable personalities and resource all over the world through the internet.

This course is structured around the fast growing phenomenon of online self-improvement that has produced some of the worlds greatest achievements in recent times. We are living in an age when information has become free and easily accessible to anyone anywhere in the world. The days when the only way of acquiring advanced skills and information was by attending expensive colleges and universities sparsely spread around the world are behind us. In additional to the training offered at the Homeboyz animation studio, students will be inducted with online self teaching skills and resource portals that will allow them to update and advance their skills continuously, remaining marketable and becoming growing assets to their clients and employers.

Who Qualifies for the Course?

This course is geared at those working in the multi-media industry hoping to acquire new skills and further their careers, graduates and under-graduates looking to supplement their education with real world skills, high school graduates with a passion for creativity & innovation and anyone who would like to explore the exciting world of animation and advanced computer graphics.


  • O-Level certificate.
  • Intermediate computer skills (practical       skills, no documents required).
  • Basic drawing skills are an advantage.
  • An open mind and a passion for creativity.

Resources at your Disposal

  • Quad-core individual workstations with widescreen high-definition display monitors.
  • 2 Fully equipped edit suites complete with large plasma screens and multi-display monitors.
  • Large capacity tera-station servers accessible from all workstations.
  • A powerful render station with 7 networked i7 CPU towers (we call them ‘the ninjas’) for HD rendering.
  • Two fully equipped, state of the art sound studios.
  • Well stocked volley studio.
  • Fully functional industry standard software.
  • A large library of digital training material including podcasts, video tutorials and e-books.
  • Experienced, open minded trainers with a wide array of skills and expertise.

Course Categories


  • advanced 2D animation in Celaction 2D and Adobe Flash
  • 3d modelling & animation
  • pixillation
  • character development
  • high end special effects and visual effects

Digital Graphic Design

  • adobe Illustrator
  • advanced photoshop techniques
  • photoshop for hd video and animation
  • 2d &3d motion graphics
  • layout in indesign
  • desktop publishing

Image Development

  • advanced image retouch and post-processing
  • photomanipulation and compositing techniques
  • 3d renders
  • digital illustration
  • digital painting and matte painting techniques


Registration:                      Ksh. 5000

Monthly Tuition Fees:     Ksh. 18,000

Duration:                           Six Months


  • Lessons are spread through one daily 3hr session.
  • Two daily sessions with two 25-student groups.
  • Morning session: 0900hrs to 1200hrs
  • Afternoon session 1400hrs to 1700hrs
  • Open 1hr session after class for practice and inquiry
  • Open full day session on Saturdays with lecturers available for help and inquiry.

Contact Us

Amber House, 2nd Floor, Next to Click Club (formerly K2),
Baricho Rd. Nairobi
Tel: 553943/52/54
E-mail: tinga_plus@yahoo.com

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